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South Africa's industrial policy has identified four key sectors in the economy, whose potential will be used to advance the country's objectives of shared economic growth and job creation, writes Thapelo Sakoana.

Trade and Industry Minister Mandisi Mphahlwa said this policy document was "not just a theoretical expose" as it dwells on the assessment of the country's economy, especially the performance of various sectors.

In terms of the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa, the country hopes to achieve 6 percent annual economic growth by 2010 and halve poverty and unemployment by 2014.

Addressing the launch of the National Industrial Policy Framework (NIPF), the minister announced that the following have been recognised as four sectors that would form the central focus for the implementation of the NIPF:

* capital/ transport equipment and metals
* automotives and components
* chemicals, plastic fabrication and pharmaceuticals
* forestry, pulp and paper, and furniture

According to the Chief Director of Trade Policy in the dti Nimrod Zalk, the capital/ transport equipment and metals sector had the potential to position itself as the major future exporters to the African continent and beyond.

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plastic fabrication

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