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hdpe machining

The implanted tools were used to form inside hole and curvature radii of the internal ring of type 608 bearing made of annealed LH 15 bearing steel. Machining was performed at a cutting speed of 24.5 m/min and a feed rate of 0.02 mm/rev. The tool lifetime was expressed in terms of the number of bearing rings manufactured until the tool wear resulted in exceeding the tolerance limit of the product. Each tool was re-sharpened 6x on the average. Results of the tests are presented in Fig.2. The optimum dose corresponds to about 3x1017 N2 at/cm2 yielding on the average 1.6 x lifetime increase as compared to the un-implanted tools.

" " A search for new ways of modifying the surface properties of solid materials by means of continuous or pulsed ion and plasma beams and
" " implementation of ion implantation techniques in national industries as a method of improving the lifetime of machine parts and tools utilized in industry.
In 2004 these objectives were being accomplished in many ways, particularly by research on:
" " interaction of nitrogen atoms in expanded austenite formed in pure iron
" " formation of superconducting MgB2 phases
" " surface layer modification of ion-bombarded HDPE
" " nanolayers in AlN for direct bonding with copper
" " surface alloying of titanium with nickel and palladium for increased corrosion resistance
" " nanolayers in alloys and ceramic coatings for improved resistance to high-temperature corrosion
" " improvement of cutting tools lifetime by means of nitrogen implantation.
The research was conducted in cooperation with Department P-V of IPJ, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (Warsaw), Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Technology of Materials for Electronics (Warsaw), Forschungszentrum Rossendorf FZR (Dresden, Germany), as well as with some industrial

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hdpe machining

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