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Architectural Laboratory Water Treatment Marine Air Handling

Photo Gallery

Clear acrylic cone

PVC vessel

Clear acrylic cone attaches to vessel at right

PVC vessel used for a biotech separation

PVC graduated cylinders

Calibration marks on PVC cylinder

PVC graduated cylinders, 2-20 gallons

Calibration marks and numbers permanently engraved.

PVC housing

test housing

Clear PVC housing part of a sprinkler test system

Interior of test housing

Polycarbonate waterbaths

PVC assembly

Polycarbonate waterbaths for biotech applications

PVC assembly part of environmental monitoring system

acrylic passageway

Polypro liner

Smoked acrylic passageway cover for a Trojan 11m International Express powerboat

Polypro refrigerator liner for sailboat

Baffles in PolyPro tank

polypro fresh water tank

Baffles being installed in a polypro boat tank

Internals of a large polypro fresh water tank

curved polypro boat tank

Top view of curved polypro boat tank

Bow end of curved polypro boat tank

Top view of tank at left

PVC and polypro air demister

Polypro machined housing

PVC and polypro air demister

Polypro machined housing

air duct

PVC hood

Large polypro air duct for metal finisher

Conical PVC hood with door.

sump tank for refrigeration system

PVC scrubber

Polypro sump tank for refrigeration system in seafood plant

PVC scrubber for large air handling system

formed acrylic column

acrylic wing

8 foot formed acrylic column part of a retail display.

9 foot high acrylic wing is part of an outdoor sculpture.

acrylic arch

PVC splashguard

Large acrylic arch to be suspended above a food service line.

Section of PVC splashguard controls overflow in a college swimming pool.

acrylic arch

Large pyramid

6 ft tall acrylic cylinder for ceramic art exhibit

Large decorative pyramid fabricated from smoked acrylic

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