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  • We fabricate custom graduated cylinders from clear PVC pipe up to 12” IPS diameter.
  • The bottom is formed to provide complete drainage, and the bottom fitting is your choice of a flange or a female pipe thread. We can also machine a sanitary triclamp fitting if required. The vessel can be open or covered with a bolt-on cover with fittings. Welded clear PVC brackets can be installed to your design. (link to photos). The calibration scale is adjusted for length and positioned by filling the vessel to the lowest volume and the rated volume using a reference polypropylene cylinder which meets accuracy requirements of ASTM Class B, E1272, "Cylinder, Graduated, Laboratory, Glass" and all requirements of ISO Standard 6706 "Plastic Laboratory Ware-Graduated Measuring Cylinders.”
  • Polycarbonate can also be used, using either 3” OD tube or a rolled cylinder of any dimension fabricated by PolyFab.
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