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PolyFab boat and RV tanks are fabricated with the care you expect for a premium product. We manufacture water and waste tanks only. Our preferred material is natural polypropylene, but we fabricate polyethylene and PVC tanks on request. NPT couplings on the sides and top are normally mounted flush on the outside with a machined shoulder on the inside. The fittings are welded inside and out. We have never experienced a fitting “blow out”. Bottom fittings are installed flush on the inside for full drainage. Internal baffles are normally used when one of the dimensions is greater than 30 inches. These are welded all around, including to the top. We accomplish this by slotting the cover to accept a tab on the baffle. The top of the baffle is welded from the outside.

We also install cleanouts as required. The most common design is a 1 inch thick ring with a 4.5 inch ID and a 7 inch OD welded to the inside of the cover around a 6” dia hole. The cover is gasketed and held down with 6 flat head screws. If you want another design, just fax us a sketch.


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