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CNC Wood Router

Woodworking Sheet No 22


This information sheet is one of a series prepared by HSE's Woodworking National Interest Group in agreement with the Woodworking Machinery Suppliers Association.

Computer numerical control (CNC) routers and machining centres can be hand loaded or automatically fed. They are designed to work on wood and may also work on plastics and light alloy metals.

The standard of safeguarding outlined in this Information Sheet is also applicable to point-to-point boring machines which are capable of being fitted with routing cutters and which are used for profiling operations.


Each machine has its own characteristics and configuration which should be considered when identifying the hazards and assessing the risks, but all of the following hazards will need to be considered:

  • ejection of the workpiece or cutter;
  • contact with rotating cutters;
  • trapping and crushing caused by moving tables or machining heads;
  • unexpected movement or start-up caused by faults in the control system 1;
  • excessive noise emission; and
  • the production of dust and chippings.

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CNC Wood Router

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