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CNC Wood Carving

WestWirralWorks is one of three purpose built City Learning Centres based on the Wirral. The centre is open to local schools, community groups and local business alike. WestWirralWorks specialises in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacture (CAM), but also supports all subjects across the curriculum through the innovative use of Information Communication Technology (ICT). The centres high tech facilities inspire a blended approach to learning, offering a wide range of practical, multimedia and traditional teaching resources, aimed at stimulating and enriching the overall learning experience, with the goal of raising pupil attainment.

Specialised equipment at the centre includes:

  • Laser Cutter - that will engrave and cut materials ranging from cloth to wood.
  • Solid Object Printer – a 3D printer that is able to print prototypes in plastic CNC Routers – for cutting and carving wood and plastics.
  • Digital Embroidery – embroiders patterns designed in up to 15 colours onto clothing and hats.
  • CNC Miller – to engrave and cut hard materials such as steel.
  • Vinyl Printer/Cutter - prints and cuts in full colour onto sticky vinyl and clothing.
  • Sublimation Printer/Press - for creating permanent graphics on fabrics and ceramics.
  • Thermoforming Centre – allows vacuum forming, dome blowing, extrusion, powder dip coating, injection moulding and welding of plastics.

WestWirralWorks is a resource that is available to all Wirral schools. The centre will provide assistance with transport arrangements and costs. Recent projects at the centre have included: Primary/Secondary Transition through the application of CAD/CAM Children from local primary schools were introduced to CAD/CAM technology when they made their own personalise mugs. Pupils used CAD software to produce their designs and then cut them out using the CLC’s CAM vinyl cutters, before finally applying their designs to ceramic mugs.

CNC Wood CarvingPlease Contact Us to discuss your CNC Wood Carving needs. You design it, we build it.

CNC Wood Carving

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