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advanced art routing wood working

Advanced Woodworking (Print-Non-Fiction). (Home Repair and Improvement Series). Time-Life Publishing (SBC), 1997. 128 p. ISBN 0-7835-3912-6 ($29.95 hdc.).

For a class that is getting into cabinetmaking, this resource will be very useful. The easy-to-follow format, excellent illustrations and the bound coil-ring format all make this resource user-friendly. The opening chapter looks at the properties of wood and the use of power and hand tools to safely turn rough lumber into finished boards. The fine art of joinery is covered as well as shaping by hand and machine. With more illustrations than text, students will be able to see precisely the techniques they are learning. An index is included.

Suggested Use: Cabinetmaking; Survey Course - Middle Level; Survey Course - Secondary Level

Architectural Drafting and Design. 3rd ed. (Print-Non-Fiction). Jefferis, Alan and Madsen, David. Delmar Publications (LRDC), 1996. 797 p. Order no. 2027 ($81.25 hdc.). Solutions Manual - Order no. 2029 ($23.60 pbk.). Workbook - Order no. 2031 ($43.50 pbk.).

This resource can serve as a comprehensive introduction to the field of residential and commercial drafting and design. The authors have used step-by-step methods for the layout of each type of drawing required for a set of plans. CADD applications are covered from a basic to an advanced level. Areas covered include careers, drafting equipment, lettering, residential design, site plans, floor plans, drawings, elevations, foundation plans and commercial drafting. The building codes used are American. The text is well illustrated with sample designs and drawings. The appendices provide several reference tables. An index and a glossary are included.

Suggested Use: Drafting

The Art of Woodworking Series (Print-Non-Fiction). Time-Life Publishing (SBC), 1992-95. 144 p. Order numbers follow. ($29.95 hdc.).

advanced art routing wood working
Please Contact Us to discuss your advanced art routing wood working needs. You design it, we build it.

advanced art routing wood working

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