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pvc machining

PVC profile sealed cover milling machining:
Sealing cover milling machine for PVC profile model SFX02-160is mainly used-for machining flute of sliding window sash.

This machine consists of machine body, worktable electromotor, main axle, profile-guiding plate, and electric system. The electromotor directly contact the main axle .which makes it easy to fit up and take down milling cutters; the guided measurement and the positioned measurement can be adjusted with the profile-guiding plate, which is suit for machining different custom profiles; if you want a direct-end flute(without aluminum slide track),only one milling cutter enough.

Ending milling machine for aluminum and PVC window and door:
This machine is made up of electromotor box, worktable, machine body, pneumatic system, and electric system. The electromotor directly drive the milling cutter to rotate .The machine has merits of thematic clamp, manual feeding, clamp and running interlock, easy operation.

PVC Machining

Please Contact Us to discuss your pvc machining needs. You design it, we build it.

pvc machining

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