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plastic router

Moore's Law and Metcalfe's Law intersect on the Internet. Both the computers through which users access the Internet, and the routers that transmit data within the Internet, are subject to the price/performance curve described by Moore's Law. At the same time, advances in data transmission technology have expanded the capacity of the Internet's backbone networks. As the bandwidth available through the network continues to grow, Moore's Law states that the price of obtaining a given level of bandwidth continues to drop, while Metcalfe's Law dictates that the value of a connection increases exponentially. The ratio of the cost of Internet access to the value it provides plummets over time. And as it plummets, connectivity and higher-bandwidth connections become that much more important,
generating more usage and more capital to upgrade the network.

The Feedback Loop

If the Internet is not like any other established communications technology, what then is it? On one level, the Internet is whatever anyone wants it to be. It is plastic, decentralized, and constantly evolving network. Any simple concept to describe the Internet will necessarily be incomplete and misleading. Such templates are useful, however, to promote greater understanding of aspects of the Internet that may not otherwise be obvious.

Plastic Router

Please Contact Us to discuss your plastic router needs. You design it, we build it.

plastic router

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