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cnc routing machine

In November 1984, Deering started as a Lab Assistant soldering wire chambers in Lab 6. After six months, she moved to Lab 8, where she has worked ever since. There she ran the Gerber CNC Routing machine for the E-706 experiment. When DZero started up in the early nineties, Deering became the day shift production coordinator in Lab 8. In addition to E-706 and DZero, Deering has been involved with production jobs for CDF, CMS Muon and Hadron, KTeV, Atlas, MINOS, NASA/GLAST, and Nova - just to name a few.
Deering is currently the Group Leader for the PPD/TC/CNC Routing Group, which machines scintillator, other plastics, circuit boards, carbon fiber and other various materials. Her group most recently finished machining and assembling scintillator tiles for a project for NASA/GLAST that will be launched in space in a couple of years on an unmanned rocket. She is also the Building Manager for Lab 8.

Plastic CNC Machining

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cnc routing machine

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