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Architectural Laboratory Water Treatment Marine Air Handling

cnc router service

In addition, laboratory shop personnel provide shop services to other Reclamation entities in the Denver Office and field, such as architectural models, demonstration models for the Environmental Education Program, emergency repairs, fabrication of devices for immediate program needs, shipping crates for test samples, test equipment, and other building maintenence support.
Capabilities of Our Craftsmen
" Carpentry utilizing wood, plastic, urethane, acrylic
" Patternmaking (plastic, wood)
" Machining (design and fabrication of test equipment and instrumentation)
" Welding (arc, helicarc, MIG, TIG, and oxygen/acetylene)
" Electrical (electrical and electronic control)
" A/C Equipment Mechanic (refrigeration trade)
" General Mechanic Maintenance (pipe fitting, fabrication and pneumatics)
Shop Facilities
The well-equipped 8,000 ft2 shop, located in the south end of Building 56, includes CNC Router, CNC Mill, lathes, milling machines, drill presses, grinders, welders, sheet metal shear, sheet metal roller, sheet metal break, planers, jointers, saws, sanders, and numerous other tools. A special oven for forming plastic is available. A large environmentally-safe paint booth is available for use of epoxy resins, paints, and other applications. An adequate supply of electrical equipment, piping, valves, pumps, etc., are available for assembly as needed.

CNC Router Service

Please Contact Us to discuss your cnc router service needs. You design it, we build it.

cnc router service

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