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cnc plastic router

CNC Machine Operators work indoors in a clean, well lighted, and ventilated environment. Because workers are exposed to flying particles of metal and plastic from the operation of high-powered machinery, they need to wear protective safety glasses. Even though better designed machine tools have reduced noise levels in shops, Operators must still wear earplugs for protection. Some Machine Operators may wear face masks to protect themselves from dangerous fumes or dust.

CNC Machine Operators are on their feet most of the day, but may be seated when loading programs onto the computer. The work requires moderately heavy lifting.


The following information is from the California Projections of Employment published by the Labor Market Information Division.

Estimated number of workers in 1993 4,800
Estimated number of workers in 2005 6,810
Projected Growth 1993-2005 42%
Estimated openings due to separations by 2005 1,090

(These figures do not include self-employment or openings due to turnover.)


DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles, 4th Ed., 1991)
Lathe Operator, Numerical Control 604.362-010
Router Set-up Operator, Numerical Control

CNC Plastic Router

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cnc plastic router

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