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cnc carving machine

Many CNC System Co. Ltd. mainly develops and manufactures large and small-sized 4 axes carving machines, laser cutting machines, motion controllers and controlling softwares etc. Using 6pcs MCU to handle different data.Two MCU get and send commands alternately at the same time. So it is more stable and can achieve high efficiency. The characteristics of EasyCut motion controller are: 1. 3D Probe Scanning - Automatic less the probe diameter after scanning. 2. Automate Speed Control - Automate slow down the speed when the corner is equal or less than 90 degree. That can avoid to crashing the machine. 3. Change Feed Rate - Don't need to pause the machine. You can change the cutting speed (10%-300%)while the machine is running. 4. 3D Toolpath Simulation - Display the actually 3D solid mold before machining. That can let you see the machining result etc. We are now seeking manufacturer who are experienced at machinery production and marketing services in Mainland China. We offer controlling systems and softwares that produce engraving machine together.

CNC Carving machine

Please Contact Us to discuss your cnc carving machine needs. You design it, we build it.

cnc carving machine

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