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3d routing

WATTERS: I think the most interesting is visualization. Programmers are beginning to marry laser and LIDAR scanning with CADD and animation to obtain real-time 3D point clouds and rendered images. What the lasers do is rotate on an axis and send a laser beam to whatever structure or whatever they want a 3D image of. By sending out this laser beam and retrieving the data, it creates a 3D image of whatever it's scanning. Then you can take that image, render it and incorporate it into a visualization project. Modern visualization is similar to animation that you see in films like Jurassic Park. It's where you take a 3D view of a photograph or 3D area and render it or superimpose the new roadway or structure over that image and fly down the road and view the new structure from any direction. By using the laser, you can have a 3D view of what it currently looks like and superimpose the new 3D image of what it's going to look like. It helps a lot with public hearings and sessions to help visualize what the project is going to look like.


WATTERS: We have developed an overload truck routing system which uses GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and our BRASS-GIRDER program. When a trucking firm wishes to transport an overweight load across any route in the state, our application prompts the user for the load information, and analyzes every structure along the proposed route automatically and determines if there are any bridges which cannot carry the load. The program also automatically checks to see if slowing the truck to five m.p.h. over the bridge or restricting passage of only one vehicle over the bridge will allow the overload to pass over the bridge. We hope to expand this application to automatically check horizontal and vertical clearances for oversize loads.

3d routing
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3d routing

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