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3d cnc router


Ses 3000 CNC Ltd.Co Machine Tools & Cad/Cam Computer systems Corporation was established in 1994. We are serving more than 1,000 clients with 30 persons through by in center ISTANBUL, and branch offices in Bursa, Konya , Izmir and Adana.

Our aim is two fields; to represent well known manufacturer, to give best technical support for training and service; to create and develop new software for machining process. We sold over than 600 sets YCM-SUPERMAX Machining Centers and Lathes during passing last 12 years. Beside of YEONG CHIN, we also sold about 100 COORD3 3D Measuring Machines, MasterCAM CAD/CAM Systems-USA sold about 300 sets, FIRST WIRE CUT, EDM machines (China) & JOEMARS EDM and W?RE- CUT EDM sold about 80 sets in 5 years in Turkey.

Ses3000 Offers Complete Solutions to the customers with below products

Executive Distribution:

CNC Machine Tools by YCM-Supermax from Taiwan,
such as "High Speed Machining Centers", "Vertical and Horizontal M/C", "Column Type CNC Wire- Cut and EDM Machines by FIRST CNC from China.

CNC Wire-Cut and EDM Machines by JOEMARS from Taiwan, such as Fuzzy Controlled precision systems.

CAD/CAM Softwares by CNC-MAsterCAM from U.S.A., such as "Multiaxis Milling", "Lathe", "Wire" and "Router" design and tool path evaluation modules...

3D Coordinate Measuring Machines by COORD3 from Italy, such as "Bridge", "Horizontal" and "Gantry" Type CMM, Laser and Optical Inspection Systems...

CMM and CNC retrofits by AAT-CappsNT from U.S.A. for on-line and off-line measuring and scanning softwares...

Digitising and Scanning Systems by RENISHAW from England, such as Reverse Engineering devices...

3d cnc router
Please Contact Us to discuss your 3d cnc router needs. You design it, we build it.

3d cnc router

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